Aurora Anti-Aging Eye Cream
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Eyes is the thinnest part of overall face skin and it is the most frequent activities compared to other parts of the face are prone to fine lines once the eye wrinkles or dull. Thus, no matter how good is your facial, it is easily leak out real age. This product adds with "Vitamin K" & "Sunstone Essence”, let around your eyes area shiny and muddy skin moist but not greasy texture. With micro amino acids, small molecules for enough moisturize to lock for eyes area, so that the entire eye area looking firmer, brighter and radiant!

Product Features:
Add the famous anti-wrinkle ingredients "Pentapeptide", "Collagen" and "Ginseng Extract" to firming around the eyes area.
Riched with 8 kinds of amino acid, structure similar with human skin can be long-lasting moisture lock water, to strengthen feeling deeply hydrated around eyes area.
Contains "Vitamin K" and "Sunstone Essence" the translucent rosy factor, intensive lifting eyes area and promote skin metabolism, solve skin dull to change the skin radiant white.
Add α-Bisabolol, Witch hazel extract, suitable for sensitive and all skin types.

Ingredient :
AQUA£¬Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4£¬Ginseng Root Extract£¬Witch Hazel Extract£¬Collagen 2

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