Water Moisturizing Factor Gene

ProReneeTM use of high moisture ingredients AQUAGEN ® created absolute muscle condensate water
AQUAGEN ®  for the high moisture ingredients, can be applied to any skin type, moisturizing effect of more than Hyaluronic Acid!!
Unique ability of absorbing water and water lock provides multi-layer skin moisturizing and multiple protection. Infiltration of self-moisturizing effect can penetrate the stratum corneum, to maintain transparency and hydrated skin feeling. 

AQUAGEN ® four performance given ProReneeTM products:

Super moisturizing effect
The skin natural moisturizing factor NMF in the natural production, improve skin dry conditions.

Delivery System
Let skin care products long-lasting effect of other active ingredients make the skin absorb the extra function. 
Skin-friendly and strong
A good compatibility features, extremely weak security mild skin.

Isolation effect
In the skin surface, forming a natural protective film barrier to the skin from outside pollution.

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