7D Advanced Repair Essence
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Product Features
An unique activating essence with the extraction of a rare plant stem cells ,natural organic antioxidant, anti-inflammatory ingredients thoroughly to create a whole deep purifying cleanse, moisture and the activation of protective anti-aging mechanism. In addition, containing precious nourishing blend of deep-sea algae, vitamins and minerals, through the lyophilized dewatering process, become more concentrated, natural and efficient antioxidant, improve the skin's healthy glow and resists the invasion.
Regeneration of Skin Qualitative Change
Help the skin repair and reconstruction, alleviate the redness and sensitive effect caused by the beauty treatments, deep moisturize the skin, improve due to the scars caused by the dry tension, dilute the traces of scars and strengthen the fragile skin with instantly improvement in the 6 majors ''whitening, pigmentation, wrinkles, firming, acne and sensitive skin'' Closely linked to the suspension in the repair barrier, continuously release the activating energy to support natural skin repair process for resist the invasion and maintain the best condition.
. Apply suitable amount evenly onto the face until fully absorbed (can be massage).
. Suitable for surgery or medical beauty treatments, to meet the skin's natural repair process, it is recommended use twice a day for doubling effectiveness.
. Apply a little amount before makeup to retain a sense of meticulous, obedient, and shiny.
Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types expecially sensitive skin.
Content: 25ml / 45ml

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